About Me

Hello my lovely readers!

      I'm Amira Rahayu, just called me Amira. 25 years old, Indonesian. Currently living in Bogor, Indonesia. I'm a shy person in real life. Because of my personality, I like to write things down so I can express my emotion in a simple way. That's why I'm making this blog, as a place where I can put all of my thoughts in one place without having to feel embarrassed. I named my blog as "Feerie" because I love fairy tales so much. I hope  this blog could be your fairy tale as well. There is so many stories I write about my journey from teenage into adulthood life. 
      My passion is arts and anything related to colors obviously, as well as fashion. But Feerie is not all about fashion, it's a personal style blog at first but then evolved into more than that. I covered some book review, music playlist, food recipes, beauty tips and other things that related into lifestyle. I also like to take an inspiration from celebrity to movies, anything that catch my attention. 
      I'm a Leo girl, hahha, ruled by the sun! I could be a bit dramatic and loveable in a blink of an eye. My leisure time consist of hot chocolate, good book, and quite place. While my social life more on watching movies, trying the newest culinary places, and sleepover. Nothing fancy, eh? 

I hope you have a good time in my blogland! 
Have fun and I try my best to give you a good contentimageimage



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