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      I'm so excited to start my healthy life after this semester is ending. I think I will take a Zumba class or something like yoga class. My body needs some extra workout, because I'm never taking any sport or workout as my daily habit. Well, in order to have a great body in a pretty bikini, I need to start it somewhere and somehow. 

      I have a deep water phobia, it's frightening me so much. I can't swim and don't want to learn until now. I know it's late for me to learn it, but it's better late than never right? 😉
Can't wait to start it and definitely a Lil' bit nervous, hopefully everything is going to be fun!

      I'm wearing a white floral maxi dress from Zaful. It's so pretty, I love how flowy and lighweight, this dress is on my body. I'm wearing it for a family picnic so it perfectly fit the mood. I matched the dress with a cream flat shoes and  paired it of white Connitie earring from Dazzle Accessories

Summer vibe is near 🌞🍍🍋
Is there any specific thing you wanna do this summer?
Tell me on the comment section below.

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