Oh Happiness!


      I found a quote that I really like in Pinterest which is "Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it", it's intrigued me. I always thought that sometimes people could disappoint you one time and you could always give them another chance, one time, maybe two. You tried to forgive them and forget what they did in a sense of "they spoil our trust, but it's okay to mess up because they're human". 

      In the past, I always thought he or she is a good person at first and they will always be like that, but they're not respecting my position as their friends or relation. That's when they're ruining our relationship with their behaviour, I forgive and giving them another chance, but in the end, it's a total nonsense. They will never respect me they way I respect them. The thing between us never solves and it's making me anxious. Let alone having a healthy friendship, it's a total disaster!

      The way they taking advantage of my personal priority of them are hurtful. Some say I'm too naive for hoping the same fairness in human relationship. I thought, why not? It's simple, and yet they could blow it away like that. I remember one of the character quotes from my favorite book The Infernal Devices, it's Will Herondale saying "There's plenty of sense in nonsense sometimes. If you wish to look for it." Now I know what kind of sense inside the nonsense is, I could not have a happy life or relationship with them when I lost it in the first place. Second chances are taken and they're not changing gears for a better us, for what then? for me to understand? for me to blame my own self?

      Better for me to letting it all go, moving to the other side where everything is more accepting, and giving me the same amount of respect and love rather than staying at one relation where the person is deceiving me so much. Because hate has consumed you, and the other party who received it. Spreading love is making life easier and making yourself happy will make other people around you happy too. 

Please do not stay in a place where your heart and soul being hurt by people full of hatred, 
stand up and let's go find your own way to feel happy!
What things that make you happy this day?
Tell me in the comment section below.

sign amira

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  3. what a nice post :)
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  6. Great post! I just found your blog and I love it :) I hope you're having an amazing Sunday!


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