Preppy Blue


      I visited Maple and Oak Brunch and Coffee two weeks ago with my best friend. It's a great place to hang out for a brunch all day because their food are delicious. The interior of it also very cute and modern. I really like the scheme colors as it's very contemporary and has a feminine vibe on it. 

       Well, me and my friends already planned to color code our outfit and we chose a navy blue. I'm wearing a preppy navy blue blouse with a white dot in it, paired with a white skinny jeans, cream ribbon slippers and a metallic blue handbag. While Dyah are more casual wearing a navy blue blouse with dark jeans and a black handbag. Sadly Oji didn't have any navy blue outfit so he wears this greyish blue sweater and  cream short pants with a white sneakers, very casual yet sporty.

      We have a great day together as usual, chatting up a bit about each other life, having a discussion about celebrity and a good movie, a topic that we always love without feeling bored. We do have a different perspective on life, opinion and all that jazz, but it's never bothered us to the point where we already know each other mind without saying anything. Always grateful to have them on my side 💚

      If you already noticed that I changed the theme of this blog. It' more simple and still has the essence of my identity as the color for this time are green and orange, my favorite color at the moment. Well, some people might like it, but maybe some not, I do hope you will give this blog more interest and feedback 😊

sign amira

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  1. You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great week! xx


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