Let's Pick : Trendy Denim Jackets from ZAFUL


      If you saw the last couple of months, the most exciting trend right now is a denim jacket with a different kind of type. It feels more individual and personal for some reason. I pretty much love this season trend, I adore the oversize denim jacket because it will complement any outfit with many styles. Also patched is making a significant look as it will give a different vibe on the denim. In this post, I'm talking specifically about the denim jacket from ZAFUL.com 

      If you not yet familiar about ZAFUL, it's a one stop online shop where you can find so many interesting and fashionable products. Their product range was plenty to choose, from dresses, accessories, shoes and other fashion related category. Their website also very easy and pleasant to use. So you don't get confused while shopping there. The interface is simple and that's why it will be a great experience on shopping online. 

      You can get the best offer from them as they are giving a free shipping on orders above $30. This month they offer an end of season sale up to 70% off which is why you should check their website soon! 

      Well, back to denim jacket, ZAFUL have many collections of it. From a patched denim jacket, wool denim coat, denim hoodie and my fave would be embroidered denim trench coat you can see on the picture above. 

      You could make a different style with those jackets. Wear a patched denim jacket for a fun and playful look, you can add a sweat pants that matched up the denim hoodie for a more sporty look. I love bohemian, so the denim trench coat will be a perfect match for my feminine bohemian style. I could wear it with a loose floral dress. Also, if you were a chic modern woman out there, the wool denim coat would be perfect for you. Just adding a statement accessory will boost up the whole look. For example, is a bright color shoes or a long and big earrings. 

      They say wearing denim on denim is a big no-no. For me, you can wear it as much as you like, because there is no rule that could determine on how pretty or awful your look is, you just have to be confident while wearing it so others will see your inner glow. 

      It's been a wonderful year for ZAFUL as they celebrating the three year anniversary next month. I really hope that you all can appreciate on how the customer service is very helpful and informative. Let's check their website here, and happy shopping! 

Tell me about your thought on ZAFUL.com, 
and what products you want on your wishlist? 
Tell me in the comment section below. 

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