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      I'm having a literally bad Monday, like it's worse than any other bad day. I was coming late to my exam so I don't have permission to take it. It's my major exam so if I'm not passing it, things will be complicated in the future. Then on the way from campus back to home, I was in ojek and in the middle of it was raining as hell. I'm wet, my bag is a complete mess, and I feel like a loser. I wanted to cry so bad, but it's really weird that my tears won't come down. 

      Arrived at home, I saw my mother making a dinner and she said it's my favorite dish. I took a shower immediately because I'm hungry and feeling down. After such a horrible day, at least home is still the best place for me. My mother is the best savior in my life, even sometimes annoying tho, lol.

      Suddenly, in my bedroom, my feet were hitting down to my computer table unintentionally. It hurts, soooo bad like you know how it feels, electrifying and painful at the same time. I cried so hard  in silence because of it. Nope, it's not because of how bad the day is and how bad my emotion can be, but it's because of that simple foot accident. Very physical, indeed.

      Then I realize, I can't cry at the first time because it all started as my fault. I should not do things that make me late for my exam. All the bad, exhausting day feels like God is tickling me into some consideration so I will eventually realize how stubborn I could be. At the end of the day, though I'm swearing here and there all day long, I couldn't give up just because it's my personality traits. 

      I could lose everything and being nothing but I won't give up that easily. Everything will be okay for tomorrow. Life is worse, spiteful, mean, horrible, but there is always a rainbow after the storm and at the end of the rainbow there is gold and all the best thing in life. 

      For everyone who has a very bad day: Hang on! it's only a bad moment and your life is gonna be okay. Try to cherish every step of your roller coaster life as it has a deep meaning to it. I'm not gonna say enjoyed it all, but enjoy the happy memories and brushed it off the bad and nasty moments.

      I'm wearing an all black and grey outfit for today. Black cullote from Connexion, pairing it with a grey turtle neck top from thrift store, black wedges from Lollo and Brigida, with a dark blue synthetic leather clutch. To top it off, I put a marble turquoise colored earring for an accent. 

I hope you all have a good day and a beautiful week a had 💓💙
Tell  me about your worse day, or any moment when you feeling not good
in the comment section below 😉

sign amira

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  1. Great outfit

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. Beautiful post dear.
    I am following you already, hope you follow me back. ♥


  3. Beautiful :)


  4. Nice outfit. I m following your blog and I hope you follow back 😊

  5. Nice outfit. I m following your blog and I hope you follow back 😊

  6. Nice look. I am following you and I hope you follow back 😊


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