Playful Sunday


tribal top

      It's nice to have a great time with my mom. Last Sunday, we were going to the department store to do some shopping. My mom bought me a pretty heels, I tried out some clothes, and we also do some grocery shopping. After that we are having a good dinner at the foodcourt. I always enjoyed our time together because we pretty much close to each other and having a conversation only between us is refreshing. 

modern bohemian

  A little bit funny for me that some of my friends saying that when they having a conversation with my mom, they felt it's a bit too serious and deep. For me, it's only an everyday talk, I mean we like to take a different kind of topic from politic, economy, history, psychology, etc. Then I realize it's pretty deep for some people who like a light conversation.

bohemian style

      I'm wearing a tribal top from To Save, paired it with white jeans, and a bohemian sling bag. It's playful yet very casual to do a grocery shopping. 

Have a great day everyone!
What kind of outfit you like to wear for shopping?
Tell me about you and your parents time together in the comment section below.

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