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red outfit

      My final exam for this semester is officially finished. Oh happy day, hahaha 😄. I'm doing my best on every task, so excuse me for a while to have my proudest moment. The sad thing is I'm broke. Because I've spent so much money for one subject assignment which making a coffee table book, and there are three subjects with the same assignment. No money for a great vacation, I've in mind before, vapouring just like smoke.


      But it doesn't mean I can't have fun right, I would focus on my blogging life this time. I think I will change my blog look with more cheerful color. Also, some content that has been on hold for a while will be making a comeback. 

red boho

      My day off consists of blogging, watching Korean drama series, youtubing, eating, blogging, take a nap, watching drama again, writing something, seeing memes or article of my fave Kpop group, and sleeping. Nothing much to do 😪

red witch

      Forgot to mention I love to read a good book. so anyone who has a preference on any great book, please tell me, I would love to read it. I have a Goodreads account, so if anyone interested in adding me here is the link

red top

      I hope you like my outfit in this post, I love my red top especially in the hand details, very cute but adding more drama on my looks. My brother took all the photos, thanks to him, and he said I look like a witch and the black cat keeps playing with us while we take this photo. 

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  1. this is my favorite look, you look so fresh and radiant in all pics! Love the combination of outfit!

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  3. Wow! This blouse is very beautiful! I like it!
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me on Blog and Google+ and I'll follow you back!

    1. Thank you Anya,
      I already following you via GFC and G+ :)

  4. Great outfit dear,love the blouse! I'm happy that you now have time to dedicate yourself a little bit to your blog :)

    I'm following you on GFC :)

  5. Nice outfit. Loving the blog too. Let me know if you want to follow each other.

    1. Thanks Andrea, I already following you on GFC :)

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