Slip On Dress


slip on dress

      December is here, with so much memory. I think this year was really calm for me personally, there is no drama whatsoever that brings my life upside down, which is a good thing. 2017 is near and I'm hoping for the best of it. The struggle about my academic year is real, but I can handle it. 

      I don't know why, but I like to listen to some of girlband songs that sounds girly, this days, mostly it's S.Korean girlband. This is the track list:
I.O.I - Hold On
I.O.I - When The Cherry Blossoms Fade
I.O.I - In The Same Place
Apink - No No No
OH MY GIRL - One Step, Two Step
Lovelyz - Ah Choo
Lovelyz - Good Night Like Yesterday

grey green style

      Maybe because of the weather keeps raining heavily everyday, a pile of assignment that need to be done, and moods changing, so it's kind of soothing my feelings while listening to the girls singing. Not to mention how pretty the music video is, they tend to set some trends anyway. 

      I'm wearing a grey slip on dress, with a green shirt underneath and yellow sneakers from 
Coup d' etat that brighten up the mood. Perfect style for a date or simply hangout with friends. Also Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday 🎄

How was your December?
Tell me in the comment section below
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