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      I remember when I was little, my favorite things to do on Sunday morning is watching anime on TV. I'm watching Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Wedding Peach, etc. I do remember that time when me and my young brother fight over Playstation 1. I want to play Harvest Moon while my bro wanted to play Megaman. While I'm at school, I like to play a traditional children's games like congklak, bentengan (fortress), and jumping rope.

      Everyone whose born under the years of the 199X understand what I was talking about. Nowadays kids prefer more electronic games more than the traditional games. They didn't know how much fun it is to play jump rope on the schoolyard or playing marbles (kelereng) in class on our break time. 

      The memories about my childhood is still lingering till now. Nothing's gonna beat a good old days isn't it? 

      Last week me, Dyah and Oji have a great sunday in the studio. We actually do a group photo shoot to commemorate our friendship. So bad that Tia can't come because of her personal matter. But because we already planned this session a long, long month ago, so we decided to take the group photo just the three of us. Of course we promise to take another photo session with Tia next time.  

      The theme for this photo is black and white. You can see that we have a different kind of style, matching our personality. I'm wearing a graphic tee with a 199X Kid word, pairing it with long skirt from Ameera, choker with cherry pendant, and black sandals from Lollo and Brigida. 

Is there any kind of childhood memories you still remember?
tell me in the comment section below.
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