That Day When We Wore Pastel


      Back in July, I have a pastel photo session with my best friend squad. We supposedly wanted to have a surprised party for Tya as she is having a birthday, but she's very busy and can't come, so that's why only me, Oji and Dyah in this pastel session. We do it outside, in front of my parents house. 

      You can see that our outfit complement each other. Oji is wearing a pale blue sweatshirt, black short , white sneakers and blue snapback, Dyah wearing a fuchsia knit sweater with black culotte and black flat shoes, while I'm wearing a polkadot baby pink shirt (Connexion) with pale turquoise skinny jeans, black platform (Lollo and Brigida) and pink ribbon for complementary on my jeans. 

Some behind the scene, well mostly our wefie.

A photo posted by Amira Rahayu (@amira.feerie) on

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So what do you think about our pastel ootd?
Which pastel color you like the most?
Tell me in the comment section below.
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