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Oosilk pillowcase
      I got something from my mail last weekend and I can't wait to try it the minute I open up the package. It's a silk pillowcase from Oosilk, a company who specializing in silk bedding and accessories.

Oosilk silk bedding

      They send me the 19 Momme Silk Ziper Pillowcase in pale turquoise and light plum color which is so pretty. What I love is that the packaging also looking very beautiful with a black box and wax stamp on the front. There is a small bag that contains a little cocoon and then the pillowcase wrapped in plastic inside the box when you open it.  It's a perfect gift if you in search for something different to give to your friends or family. 

      OOSILK’s products are made with 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk, which has the top quality among all kinds of silk. You should know that silk pillowcases are well-known as anti-aging products, they work wonderfully on improving people’s skin and hair condition, and also the most natural products for women and children.


      I really have a nice sleeping experience with it. The pillowcase is so soft and have a cool feeling on my skin. When I woke up, I didn't have a crease in my entire face, like the way my cotton pillowcase did. I'm hoping that it would help my pimples problem as it said about improving skin.

Have you tried a silk bedding before?
 or do you interested in this product? 
Tell me about your thought in the comment section below

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