5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds Live Feels Live Tour 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia


Me with Bowo and Dyah 
      Good day people! I'm having a major throwback of last weekend, specifically on 5th March 2016, where my favorite pop punk band "5 Seconds of Summer" came to Indonesia for their world tour "Sounds Live Feels Live". I know! I could not believe it, that I'm watching them live and it's so awesome! They were awesome! *forgive my major fangirling moments here*

5 Seconds of Summer
Silver Section Ticket
      Me, my younger brother and my best friend, we were from Bogor and the concert venue is in Jakarta, so we decided to stay at the Pop Hotel, near the ICE concert venue. We took Uber taxi to the venue which only 10 minutes from our hotel and the place is sooo big. We walk into the ticket exchange boots to exchange our e-voucher and we got this silver wristband as the tickets to the arena. 

Outside the venue
      People were gathered into a group outside, some were chanting "5SOS", some were singing one of 5SOS songs, and we were doing selfies. Hahaha XD
We already know that 5SOS arrived at the Soeakarno Hatta Airport on Friday noon, but I can't see them because I have other things to do. They do the soundcheck experience with the lucky fans on Saturday noon at 4.30 PM if I'm not mistaken and yeah, I got a little bit jealous, hahaha but what can I do about that, I can only buy the silver ticket :P

Sounds Live Feels Live Jakarta

      At 5 PM, the main doors to the venue were opened and we are excitedly queuing. As we entered inside ICE, we still need to wait for the main doors to the arena to open. and we wandered around the hall and seeing the merchandise boots, photo boots, and trying to live updates on our socmed. 
      The entry doors into the arena were opened at 6.30 PM, it's making me nerve wracking and can't wait for it. We entered the arena and we were a little bit disappointed because the section is flat and not having level. But the stage arrangements were cool, though we only get 2 big screens on the left and right. 

Sounds Live Feels Live Indonesia

      The opening act was played by Pee Wee Gaskin, a pop-punk band from Indonesia. They actually know how to hype the crowds not only for them self, but also for 5SOS, which is a good thing. They played 3-4 songs and at 8.30 PM, 5SOS started the concert with Carry On as an intro. Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford making this entire arena crazy! We are all singing, screaming, crying, dancing and all that fans can do. We all did. 

Calum Hood

      After the intro, Luke Hemmings greeted us, " Hello Jakarta, This is our first concert in Indonesia". They continued the show with Hey Everybody, and Money, a fast song to hype the fans and making us sing together. Then Disconected were played, I could at least take a break and enjoying the moment, especially watching Ashton playing his drum with passion. He is sooo handsome yet humble and down to earth as a person, so watching him live, it's an incredible feeling.

Nasi Goreng

      The highlight of the night, is when Michael started a conversation, said he likes "Nasi Goreng" one of Indonesian food, and Luke like Mie Goreng and they all also liking Bakso and Sate Ayam. Then, they make a special songs for Jakarta crowds, they sing "Jakarta" and "Nasi Goreng". Yes, they making us moved yet amused and we giggled so hard. So cute, yet so great. 

video credit: kaWankumagz

Ashton Irwin

      They are heating up the arena with Don't Stop, Heartache on The Big Screens, Waste The Night and Castaway. When Jet Black Heart fills the arena, we all doing a project, we lift up the I Am ".." paper, so 5SOS member can see us as how we want others see us in a positive ways. After that, Amnesia, Beside You and Vapor chilling the crowds and I want to cry honestly, because that songs were my favorite from their album. 
      They make us dancing and singing with End Up Here, Voodoo Doll, Good Girls, and Permanent Vacation. After covering The Romantics, What I Like About You, they all going into the backstage and we all chanting their names and wanting an encore. So they started to play She's Kinda Hot and ended the whole night with She Looks So Perfect as the last song from the concert. 

5SOS SLFL Jakarta 2016

      We are all leaving the venue with a smile and still can't move on from their performances. Thank you Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael for the great experiences we've got. As Ashton said before, Australia and Indonesia only 5 hours away and we can see each other on 5SOS gig soon enough. We will wait for your next album, and your next tour! :D
sign amira

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