That Kind of Red and Green


   Last weekend I strolled around my Uni with my old old best friend, Dyah and Oji. We kind of hunting a photo spot for both me and Oji, he wanted to do an ootd. We've got a lot of the best spots, and now I actually don't know which one need to be posted. 

      But the problem is, my camera phone didn't take the lighting and my green top kind of reflecting the light so it create a weird bright photo. I forgot to take the details on my sling clutch and my top. It's quite cute pastel green.

     After that, we were having a dinner at Sushi Tei, and Ron's Laboratory for a dessert at Grand Indonesia mall. 

      We all met when we were at the same high school, but I was in a different class with them, but me and Dyah were a friend from elementary school. So we bound to each other. We have a lot of friends in different circle, but we always find each other companion more endearing. Even in a silent moment, we know each other mind. They are my best friend for life ♥

      So bad that Tya can't join us, because of her works that pretty demanding. I felt bad about her, she overworked sometimes, but I will always support her decision on everything as much as it's in positive ways. 

      I'm wearing a red necklace from Movie Freak Shop. It's the Isabelle Lightwood's necklace from The Mortal Instruments book and Shadowhunters series. I love it so much, so pretty and matched my red pants. 

So tell me about your fun weekend on the comment section below :)

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  1. Great pants!

  2. Your tribal clutch is so lovely, is it batik lombok? Great outfit btw :)

    Mind to support each other by following each other's blog? Please let me know ya, thank you :)



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