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munchy's oat krunch

      Long time no see, eh? I'm back with my campus life in a new campus sooo it's hectic and busy yet fun! I need to balance my schedule and blogging life sooner. Today I'm gonna tell you my favorite comfort snacks. Any bad day or bad mood or PMS, this five snacks will save my day. Enjoy ♥

       1. Munchy's Oat Krunch - Dark Chocolate
         Oat crackers with chocolate flavor and choco chips mixed with hazelnut. I found these crackers in a local mini market like two days ago. I tried the first pack and can't stop eating it until now, it's taste good. I could taste the oats and it looks more like cookies than crackers for me. Not too sweet which is good. Oat Krunch is definitely on my favorite list. 

deka crepes, delfi chic choc biscuit

       2. Dua Kelinci Deka Creepes - Chocolate & Sesame
        I treasured these crepes, no need explanation. It tastes heavenly good for me. the sesame gave a twist and it is fun. I also like the choco banana flavor, I could eat the whole pack for sure. 

       3. Delfi Chic Choc Biscuit
         I feel guilty to put chocolate based on my top three list. Muahahaha *evil laugh* This choco ball is like my savior when PMS comes. If you find me getting mad, you can give me chic choc, and everything is gonna be fine. 

UHA milk candy

       4. UHA Rich Milk Candy
         It's a Japanese hard candy with milk flavor. I could taste the sweet, creamy milk, which is super enjoyable. The packaging is super cute too, I like it. This one definitely my favorite milk candy. 

heavenly blush

       5. Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink - Blackcurrant, Peach
         Last but not least, yogurt drink. I'm not a picky yogurt drinker, but Heavenly Blush suit my taste as it's not too sweet and not too heavy unlike other yogurt drink products out there. Especially on a hot day, it really boosts my mood. 

yellow sweater
I know you missed me ;) 

I could ramble about snack without end, 
because I'm such a snacker (making random words), hahha
What is your favorite snack? 
or maybe you can tell me your favorite healthy snack on comment section below 
so I can try to find it or maybe making it and the best part is eating it ♥
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