Comfy Saturday



      Saturday for me is a day when everything going slow and catching those moment where I can't follow on the other days. It's been a rough month, a new project coming along with daily task, I'm exhausted. What I need is a glass of hot chocolate and a nice book, but it's difficult to find some break time. 
       Last night my mom called me and said not to get stress and be happy. I'm happy, but the stress level is also high. Things were going fast and when I can't catch up, I got stressed out. That's why I have a project called "just #relax" on my Instagram, I posted things that makes me relax or when I need to get relax. It's like a reminder for me, that I need too stay at the moment and enjoy my surroundings a little bit more.

tiger tops

       I took my time today, walked around the street and having a good meal. My tigers accompany me, hahha. The tigers top is a second handed, I bought it from my friend. Comfortable but also has a statement.

How was your day? Did you get stressed lately? 
Tell me about your day in comment section below.

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  1. You look beautiful

    Love Vikee

  2. Like your project on relaxing :) You looks really lovely.

  3. You look lovely!
    xx, Adriana


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