My Basic Blogging Tools


my blogging tools

I’m gonna tell you my secret weapons now! hahaha yes it is my blogging tools. Check out things I used the most while making blog stuff.

Acer Aspire One Netbook
small, Sleek with an affordable prices. I like to write and posting while hangout, perfect for me to brought this notebook everywhere. it fits into my blogging routine perfectly.

Notebooks from Lenwa
this super cute notebook I bought at a local stationery stores. I keep my schedules and ideas for blogging in this book. it’s like an ideas bank, I like to saving my ideas here, with a lot of sketchs and any words that comes up in my mind. 

blogging tools

Fine Colour Sketch Marker, multi colour pen & mini stamps with ink
I love writing with a multi colour pen, very handy and you got like six different color in one pen! it’s fun. while the fine colour marker did a good job for highlighting some important details. super cute stamp to keep my notes looking fun and pretty

Sony Cybershoot dsc-w350
the most important tool for my blogging world. all of the picture on my blog was taken by this digital camera. It also has the option for HD video. it’s small enough for me too always carry this  digicam on my purse.

Live Writer
I’m using live writer for an offline blogging or for making a draft for my next post. what I like the most from this software is they will download your blog theme before, then you can write your post and see the preview immediately without having online.

Photo Scape
I like to use photoscape because of their simple interface. it’s easy to use for editing photos.

Uber Social
I like to handle my social media especially facebook and twitter with uber social. I have it on my phone, it’s amazing! it keeps me up to date with both platform.

Thats my tools, how about yours? what kind of tools you used on blogging world?? tell me more in comment section below
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