Birthday #170814


22nd birthday

    Yahoooo, it's my birthday everyone!! So exciting to share my birthday with Indonesian Independence Day, and it's my 22nd birthday, aaah growing old. So many things happens, bad and good things after another. My friends having a late surprised with an anti-mainstream birthday cakes, they brought me a chicken bucket from KFC and put some pink candles on top of it. They are such a dork, and I loooooove them soooo much, hahahahaaimage

17 Agustus

        As a blogger, I learned lots of blog stuff so this site can progress to be more dynamic and to please all of you as my readers. There is so many aspect that can be improved, and I hope everyone can enjoy every post, every picture, and all thoughts that I poured into Feerie. 

       For my self, I wish everything in my life will go smoothly. I want to focus on my study and career. There is some room for love, but this time I just open into any possibility. Keeping my mindset positively, be more grateful to God and be a good person for my environment. Amin, goodluck for meimage

I'm wearing a simple bubbly make-up. 
Bubble gum colors on my eyes and  peach lips.

sariayu borneo B-02 eyeshadow

bubble gum eye make-up
sign amira

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  1. hihihi cantik sekali mirr<3 happy birthday yaaa.. God bless you :*

    1. Thanks Dhana, amiin, duh kamu lebih cantik lagi kali :)

  2. Lovely makeup

    Love Vikee

  3. Hi! I really enjoy your blog - I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post here for the rest of the information :)

    1. Hey Maeve, thankyou for nominating me, I'll answer all your questions on my next post :)


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