Chill Out with Polkadot Jumpsuit


My holiday is finished! aah back to campus again. 
My heart still at home. Gonna missed my parents and lil bro for a while. 
Things are going different this semester, more focus and courage about my future. 
I can do it right? 

I was read an astrology things on some web and
they said that Leo actually has a chance to shine and luckier this year. yeah! 

Wearing my late grandma jumpsuit, i missed her alot. 

By the way, 
I made a home decor and architectural blog, check and follow Crispy & Chic Decor
Trying my best to blogging regularly on both blogs.

Honestly, i just can played four chords on guitar, C - E - F - A
Need more practice. 
Basically i'm quite good on piano, but guitar is such a difficult one to learn.
sign amira

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  1. Obsessed with the jumpsuit
    You look amazing

    Love Vikee

    1. Thanks Vikee,
      my late grandma made this jumpsuit :)

  2. ughh your jumpsuit is to die for!! loves it ^^

  3. Love the playsuit - such a gorgeous, relaxed shape

    x greta


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