What's In My Bag : Handbag Edition


what's in my bag

Finally, i wrote about this kind of stuff. 
I love reading a lot of others "what's in my bag" posts and i always want to do it,
 now i have time to reveal it. 
I hope you enjoyed my personal belongings inside my handbag.

vintage black handbags
My vintage handbag, that my mom gave it to me. 
Pretty simple black handbags which suitable for any occasion and any clothes.
This bag can carry a lot of stuff, which is very important to me.

red wallet
Red vintage wallet from Planet Ocean, 
with a bunch of id cards, ATM, photobox and receipts.

This little pouch has two sides, one side i used as a beauty pouch,
 and the other side including never ending coins along with receipts. 

lg optimus l5
My smartphone, LG Optimus L5
I love my new diary case, it's pretty in pink. 

I used my digicam to take all of the picture,
 so i just include pouch for my digicam
which represent that i always brought my camera anywhere with me.

daily make up
Clear smooth all in one cake powder from Maybelline for simple touch up.
I'm having like crazy about lips product, so yeah i brought alot in my bag. 
My fave is Baby Lips from Maybelline and Orange lipgloss from Innisfree (smells so good).
Nowdays I tend to wear a Lasting Matte lipstick from Pixy,
I have it in peach and really suit my personality so i always wear it for everyday make up. 
Then my eyes product all from Maybelline, mascara and liquid liner in black and hot pink. 

headband and bracelets
Blue headband for emergency bad hair day, 
and vintage bracelets (i thought i had lost them but here they are)

cute stationery
Journal from Go Girl Magazine to write some details on my daily activity, 
a sketchbook to sketching ideas that always flowing inside my head, and a cute multi color pen. 

movie tickets
I love to watch movies, i always keep the tickets and collecting them.
So in the future when i see it again,
 i can remember the moment i spend with my beloved friends and family.

frozz, center fruit, candy
I always have mints and chewing gum in my bag,
 kind of obsessed with this watermelon flavor gum from Center Fruit.

paseo tissue
Paseo tissue with their rainbow zebra (sounds weird, lol) cover, cute overload!image

The last thing i forgot to take is my car keys picture!
If you see in the very first picture, 
there is tiny blue chain between the movies ticket and my digicam pouch, that's my car keys.

That's it! 
How was it? 
Tell me about your opinion in comment section belowimage

sign amira

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