Spicy Red Sweater


red oversized sweater

red sweater

It rains since last week endlessly. Such gloomy day and turned really cold. 
I heard about the devastating floods throughout Indonesia, especially Jakarta.
 I'm so sad to hear that. image

I had planned to take pictures this morning, but as the weather does not allow,
 I waited until the rain stopped. 
at 4 pm, the sky began to clear and the sun peeking behind the clouds. I wondered what I would wear, and when I saw my mother closet, I found a beautiful oversized red sweater. I had the idea to wear it as a dress combined with black legging and black wedges. I'm not using any accessories because I wanted the whole outfit to be simple, the sweater already stand out by the bright color.

Feel like a big red peppers
Such a soothing months, having quality time with family, bestfriends, and my self.
 My hometown really crowded, and small so it's nice to spend my holiday with people i loved and hangout to a familiar places, or tried the latest hip places around the town. 
Healing my self from a break-up moment. 
Me and my boyfriend already together for 2 years, suddenly we have a decision to separate. 
Past is in the past, i livin' up this very moment, and trying to figure out my future.

Hyuuuuu ~

Also my face looks swollen here, maybe because i ate instant noodles last night, or maybe i gained some weight?image
I don't know for sure.

a lot of love from me image

What do you think? 
Do I need to add accessories? 
What kind accessories that will accentuate my sweater?
Tell me your thought on comment section below image

sign amira

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  1. lovely sweater, great pop of color


  2. This is so adorable and pretty!! Love the red sweater, suits you so well. Cute animations, love it. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Lenya, i'm following you via gfc :)

    2. Thx bunches honey, following back on GFC #43 Let's keep in touch.
      Happy Weekend

  3. beautiful sweater
    you look awesome

    love Vikee

  4. What cute pictures! I'm glad the rain finally cleared =)

    Corinne x

  5. This sweater looks really comfy! Following you!


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