New Year and New Perspective


Happy New Year 2014!!
Oh my, time definitely goes by sooo fast image
This year i'm turning 22 on August, but my soul will always 17 image
Yet so many project i can't accomplished in 2013, i hope i can achieve it this year. 

-The best quote of this year -

There is people who like us, there is people who hate us. The haters sometimes bullying us with some hateful comments, spread gossip about us, and other things they thought is right. In some kind of way, they hurted us so bad, and we always thought about how we can get revenge to this person. 
Be patient and keep our mind and heart for the future, being a successful person. That's the best revenge we  could ever give to them. image

Don't hesitate to do something new and fresh for new year. Ignore the negative things, move on with positive mindset. This year is gonna be great! image

sign amira

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  1. happy new year dear
    you look beautiful

    love Vikee


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