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I'm planning to changed the template until the end of the year and i have searched a free design site for my next template. But because of my impatience, then i changed it two days ago! hahaha, that's a relieved i can finish it in one day, then begin to tidying some missplaced the next day. Now it's officially done! 
I used free background from shabbyblogs, you can find pretty things in there. For the template, i used Ethereal from blogger. I love pastel for my blog, you can saw it from my older template, it's giving a delicate and light feeling for the readers and my self. I used blue and black color pallete for this look, maybe because i want it to be fresh and simple. 
What do you think? 
Do you prefer my old template or this new one?

sign amira

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  1. this is beautiful too
    love Vikee

  2. This one looks great! Love the lights up top for the holiday season!

    1. Yeah, it's fun and add a cheerful atmosphere to this blog.
      Thanks :)


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