Flirty Leopard Eyes


I have seen many tutorial about leopard eye makeup and now i'm trying it with my own taste.
As usual i always put my eye makeup first, then the whole face. I want to make a video tutorial but i'm not confident yet to do it, so maybe next time i'll put a videoimage

Leopard eye Tutorial:
  • I put NYX jumbo eyepencil in milk as primer all over my lid
  • Apply a glittery white eyeshadow from inner lid to middle lid and inner lower lash line
  • Making a gradient color with pink eyeshadow from middle to outer lid (you can use another color you like) and do the same with the lower lash line
  • Blend it out to outer crease, and add  highlight on brow bone
  • Then start to make a leopard pattern with liquid liner, i'm using Maybelline Hyper Glossy in black to draw a not perfect round shape from inner lid to outer lid, then fill the round shape with darker pink eyeshadow or use Maybelline Hyper Glossy in hot pink like mine.
  • Use the black liner to lining upper lash line and lower lash line
  • Apply two or three coat of mascara for dramatic lashes, you can use fake lashes if you want 
  • I forgot to do my eyebrows! hahha, hope you don't mind. Apply your favorite eyebrow pencil, then brush it so it will look natural

For the rest of the make up, 
i'm using bb cream and loose powder then add light pink blush on cheek bone.
Put lip balm and semi matte pink lipstick too finish it.

Ready too start the morning with flirty moodimage

Let me know about your thought on comment section belowimage
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  1. looks so cool!

  2. beautiful
    love Vikee

  3. This is lovely! I don't think I could do something like this - my hands are way too shaky!

    Corinne x

    1. Thankyou :)
      put your elbow on table so your hand not too shaky while doing it, just slowly draw a mini round shape, it doesnt have to be perfect round, hope it will help ;)


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