Turned 21


Last monday i just turned 21 :D
Yes, my birthday is the same day with Indonesian Independence day. It's always been special eversince i was born. So i simply celebrated it with my family, my mom cooked my favorite foods for breakfast while me, my little brother, and my dad watched national flag raising ceremony on television. I'm happy even without a big party, although it's sad that my boyfriend can't be with us for a special moment. Thank you for those who congratulated me. I wish at this age, i got more luck, happiness, and i can be more wise about the path i'm going through.

Too celebrate my big day, i did a DIY used my old jeans into a cute short pants. 
I pair it with a neon anchor plaids shirt.

With my car, Vanilla.
 Yes i named my car, my old car used to be Mocha and now i got a new one named Vanilla.

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  1. You look gorgeous with that sweater. Love your diy.

    Style and Paper

  2. you look so pretty
    beautiful post
    love Vikee


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