Throwback Thursday : Spring - Summer in South Korea


Throwback my memories on 2012, i got a scholarship for korean language program from Daejeon University in South Korea. It's a spring-summer program, I landed on late february, end of winter and back home on August, in the mid of summer. Six months for a great experience. 

 My things
Keep it simple as possible because i'm traveling alone 

With mom and dad at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia
Takes eight hours flight from Indonesia to S. Korea, with Garuda Indonesia Airlines

Arrived at Incheon International Airport, S. Korea

It takes 3 hours from Incheon Airport to Daejeon city, where i spend my six months lived at university dorm. 

Here is my international dormitory

Still empty for the first time i was arrived. My studio dorm have 2 bedroom (sharing with korean native), 1 bathroom, pantry and a great view balcony for each bedroom.

View from my balcony

my room was in 7th floor, so the view is really pretty 

Having a campus tour

Walk around the town 

traditional market


Mokcheok Bridge

 I love spring festival at Jinhae city

There are alot of festival you can attend.

Feel the old village with traditional house at Jeonju Hanok village

Gyeonggijeon Shrine

Iksan Jewelry Museum

O-World Daejeon 

Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art

Daejeon Arboretum

And the last but not least, my friends who always cheered me when i was homesick or just hang out with me.
with songhee and yujin

My Korean buddy Songhee 

My indonesian senior, they are an exchange student

My classmates

My pretty teacher

My boyfriend, despite long distance but kept accompany me via skype :)

I'm sorry if my post was toooo long, hahha
I just wanted too share my good memories with you all :)

sign amira

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