Monthly Books Review : Lisa Barham - The Fashion Forward Adventure of Imogene series


A girl. A dream job.
A city full of possibilities...
Imogene is obsessed with fashion. Combine that with her talent for trouble (aka maxing out her "emergencies only" AmEx) and suddenly she's not going to chere Paris with her best friend for the summer. No, she must do the unthinkable for a stylish Greenwich girl such as herself - get a job.
Resourceful as always, Imogene works her connections and lands a dream internship at a fashion forecasting agency in New York. Now she's lunching at Serendipity, first on line at the Barney's warehouse sale, and skoshing seats at fashion week.
But when Imogene's dream is threatened by a cute Italian boy and one very evil intern, she questions what she really wants. And she learns that even in fashion, being true to yourself and following your dreams can go hand in hand.
 (A Girl Like Moi - books #1)

What we expect from a young-adult novel about fashion things?

As for me, my expectations are not too excessive. Light stories as a distraction in my spare time when my mind is saturated.
But the author, Lisa Barham, able to made much expectations for the main character, Imogene.

Imogene was a character that was built from the reality of typical teenager. Where she still unstable and looking for her own identity in life. She's witty, self centered, and not rich, with a good sense of fashion and bestfriend. Then comes the problems which  for me is still a complicated thing for a teenager too handle. She face it with her never give up attitude or maybe we called it as stubborness and it works for her. 

Famous brand, an exciting fashion works to-do, a prestigious fashion event, making the whole story fascinating. That's what we want in our life but can't have it. By reading this book, i can imagine how amazing it is to be such a person with a life we yearn for.
The cover is ultra-cute if we want to display it in our bookshelf or maybe as a fashion accesories to carry everywhere. 

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