Me Time


Recently, having a boyfriend is quite stressfull. I’m not just thinking about one person but two! Sometimes i miss my single time, ya know i can do whatever i wanna do :P

Well, i love to spend my time alone, because i can focus on myself and not to worry about other things. I never thought that being alone is miserable. But some people get nervous when they alone.

Like watching in the cinema alone, i love it! I can focus on the movies instead discussing with the person who go with me. Or spending time in the mall alone, it’s amazing! I can go wherever i wanna go, and focus on my shopping list instead worrying about the person who go with me got bored.

Me time is important, to focus on yourself and your desire.

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  1. hey Amira
    you have a lovely blog
    thank you for following me...i am following you back
    love Vikee


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